Welcome to a world where there is happiness in every bite.

Welcome to ‘Honey Products’

Honey Products is an independent food processing business house and an organization of passionate professionals seeking to enhance the gastronomic experiences of consumers. What makes us unique is our ability to capture the core taste, aroma and flavour of the authentic ingredients that go in and deliver products that are cherished by customers, worldwide.

We take pride in our quality policies and infrastructure facilities and have over a decade of experience in procurement, processing and manufacture. With a relentless focus on excellence, we seek to establish ourselves as a leading brand and constantly innovate to reach new heights. To this end, we have obtained all relevant certifications, including FSSAI, ISO 22000 and ISO 15001.

Our dedicated workforce ensures that all products are manufactured, packed, stored and transported under the most hygienic conditions. This ensures that freshness, taste, appearance, aroma, texture and all aspects related to quality are preserved in each one of our products till they reach the shelves of our consumers.


Honey foods takes pride in its best-in-class infrastructure. Our factory is modern, well ventilated and located amongst pristine surroundings, free from dust and pollution. This makes it ideal for food processing.

Our food processing techniques are mostly mechanical, thereby maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and food safety in our operations.Stringent procurement, quality control during operations and periodic testing in our in-house labs helps us to ensure that every product rolling out of the line is of the highest quality.

We also have adequate warehousing and storage facilities, which is ably complemented by our robust supply chain network, to ensure that all orders are fulfilled on time, every time!

Relevant certifications obtained by us include FSSAI, ISO 22000 and ISO 15001 stand a testament to our quality and commitment.Our constant modernization has ensured that we can meet peak loads without difficulty and have a product capacity of about 30+ tons a day.